Backup & Recovery

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    Your company’s data is critical to business operations. Ensure you have a professional backup solution with redundancy, monitoring, support and recovery processes. We implement simple and redundant solutions to truly protect your data and offer you peace of mind.
    Our Cloud data backup solution is a fantastic way to ensure safe, secure and regular backups of everything from individual files through to entire networks of data and disk images of individual systems. We deal with the entire data backup process, managing everything from taking backups to controlling access and file restoration in the event of system failure.

    Proactive Backup and Restore

    • Continuous, 24/7 Backup
    • File Version History
    • Backup of Mail, Cloud and Web Services
    • Backup Laptops on The Go
    • Server Backups
    • PC/MAC Backups
    • Network Drives and Server Backups
    • Quick Restore

    Reliable Backup & Recovery Solutions

    Are you doing continuous backup of all your critical data? Do you have a recovery plan incase of a disaster? Backup is crucial to business of any size. Talk to us and see how we can mitigate all security risks by implementing a solid backup and recovery plan for your business. A plan that works.

    Automatic continuous Backups

    MyNerd provides continuous backup solutions through it's network of partners. These backups provide real time and the best protection against any mishaps or attacks. We will setup, configure and monitor your backup services and provide a recovery plan for quick restore.